Mason & Marlee

Mason & Marlee
Our Family... Mason (3.5), Scott, Me and Marlee (1.5)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Round 1...

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!  I can't believe it is almost here.  We had a wonderful weekend of family.  We had my parents, my grandparents (dad's parents), my Aunt Chris and Uncle Paul, Jason, Staci, Avery Jackson and Anna over for a Christmas Dinner this past Saturday.  The kids had so much fun, and we had a blast talking and watching the kids.  Here are some of the pictures I have taken the past week.

Mason with Santa; this is the best picture because he's not a real person!! Mason freaked out a bit when we saw Santa.  He doesn't really want him to come down our chimney either, a little "scary" to this 2 year old!  We'll see if he likes him more when there are presents under the tree!
Marlee kind of looks like jolly old St. Nick in this picture!
Stylin' Snow Baby
Cousins, Anna and Mason
Wore poor baby out!
Marlee is really enjoying her new toy!
It's nearly impossible to get a pic of these 2 together, this is the best I've got for now!  I'll keep trying!
Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Three Blind Mice

"Three Blind Mice"
as preformed by Mason Stephen Moorehead

For those of you who may not know the words:
Three Blind Mice
See how they run
They all ran after the farmers wife
She cut of their tails with a carving knife
Did you ever see such a sight in your life
as Three Blind Mice!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy 3 Month Marlee

Marlee Elizabeth aka.....Baby Girl, Mar-Mar, Marlee Moo, Peanut
The sweetest baby girl to hit the Moorehead family!  We love you sweetie!
Marlee is sleeping a big 6 hour stretch, 11pm-5am!!  Good Girl.  She is very strong and has excellent head control.  She is already loving her exersaucer.  Mommy added a little juice to her diet to help her poo regularly and give her her daily vitamin.  Other than that just mommy's milk for now.  She loves to talk but still takes a little work for a smile, although in the last week she's been throwing them around a little easier!  
She loves to watch Mason, and Mason loves to help her by giving her her blankie and paci when she cries.

Here is that butterball at 3 months--CHUNKIE!!
Bye for now!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Hair Cut...

Today was the day I think everyone in our family has been waiting for!!  Mason went in for a trim.  I am letting his hair grow out everyone, so don't do cartwheels just yet, but my stylist John decided he could help me make it a little more pleasant to get it there!  BTW... John said he doesn't do kids on a regular basis, so hush hush Marion folk!  Mason was perfect; I've been talking about his hair cut with Mommy's hair stylist since my last appointment and I had a diaper bag full of candy!  He knew John was cutting his hair tonight and was very excited when we left.
Here he is up in the big chair with John running through the plan.  I was like, just get the scissors and cut John, he's 2 and we haven't got much time!

Comb and scissors out!
Ta Da!!!!  A shapely cut that really made his hair look thick and caught up all the late growth to the fast growth (that had previously been the mullet!)
Thank you John! We did it!
A little smile from Baby Girl!!
Having some fun around the house; Poppy helping Mason take Peanut around on his shoulders, this was a hit!
See you all soon!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Snow!

It's beginning to look like a winter wonder land around here!! The snow has been falling all weekend, and it is just so beautiful to look at.  Because of the illness Mr. Mason hasn't got to spend much time outside, but he did watch Poppy make him this nice Snowman from the window then got to go outside and meet him!  The snow was perfect for packing and mommy decorated Jack up right!
Mason, Poppy and Jack!
Mason likes to swing in Marlee's swing!
Here is Marlee and her guard dogs, Emmy (left) and Ruby.
Mason is enjoying teaching his little sister how to play.  Last night I asked him his full name and he said "Mason Moorehead."  Then I asked, what is Marlee's full name; he hesitated a minute and then said "Peanut!"
Marlee is starting to enjoy the exersaucer!  It is wonderful because this little girl doesn't like to be carried much and likes to push with her legs.  This came not a moment too soon!
Here is Mason in Mommy and Daddies tub, it fills with bubbles perfectly!  Marlee enjoyed watching big brother in the tub and can't wait till she can join him!
Another funny thing Mason said:  Yesterday Mason grabbed a book I have on the shelf, "Life's Little Instruction Manual,"went over to the couch and sat down with it.  He opened it and said, "now where was I...Ahhh yes."  He is too funny!!

***Second post of the day, so be sure to see "Thanksgiving Foiled" below! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Foiled!

Well Thanksgiving sure didn't happen according to plan his year.  Scott and I were hosting our big Thanksgiving dinner this year, but our plans were foiled by a terrible viral infection!  Mason woke up the Friday before around 4am getting sick in bed.  The next day he spiked a temperature and the poor little guy had no appetite or energy.  His temp peaked to over 104 at times!  It was terribly scary and stressful as not only were we worried about Mason but his 2 month old sister too!   I made an appointment for him Monday at the doctor and he was diagnosed with a "nasty" right ear infection with a possible virus on top of it.  We thought getting him started on Monday with an antibiotic he would be okay on Thursday, but when he was still running a very high temp on Wednesday we went ahead and called off Thanksgiving.  I had family coming in from Ohio and Michigan we haven't seen in a year, none who had met Marlee yet.  It was a very sad decision, especially for my mom whose family it was.  We ended up having Phyllis and Steve and My mom and dad over, and way too much food!  I have to say I know I have a lot to be Thankful for, but Thanksgiving day seemed more like a Thursday to me.  Mason was so sick and hadn't eaten in so long.  I nearly took him to the ER that evening when he woke up from his nap burning up and had no energy.  Luckily Friday morning he slept all night and had a lower temperature of around 101.  That evening he ate a little and by Saturday was on the upswing.  What an  awful week!!!  We all survived, and so far Scott and I stayed healthy and most importantly so did little Marlee!!  Here are a few pics from our Thanksgiving Holiday!
Wild Medicine Hair:  Mason hates taking medicine, so after the fight of getting it in, what comes out gets wiped from his mouth into his hair!!  Notice how pale!
This has never happened, him falling asleep on the couch before bedtime, poor bubby!
Thanksgiving dinner, he had part of a strawberry...poor baby; I'm so glad he's feeling better!
And here she is, Miss Marlee all dressed up for the Holiday.  I am so Thankful for this little blessing!

This Thanksgiving there is so much to be Thankful for around the Moorehead Household.  Scott has been promoted to CEO of Moorehead Communications, a very deserving Promotion!!    The company has also started a new business, "Tan Lines", a chain of Tanning Beds with the first one in Marion that just opened with the second in Gas City days away.  More to open around the state early next year.  
Of Course, our new little bundle of Joy, Marlee (aka...Baby Girl, Peanut) has joined our family!! We just love her to pieces and are amazed with how fast the time has flown by!
And Mason, growing into such a good little boy.  We are so lucky to have such an overall healthy boy, so smart and entertaining and so darn sweet.  There is nothing better than having him say out of the blue that he loves you!!
We are also very Thankful to be settled into our new home in Marion.  It has been a little bit of an adjustment but overall we know it was the right move for our family.  It is so wonderful to have both of our parents close by, they are wonderful helpers for us and Mason is so close to his Mimi and Poppy and Nona and Papaw!  
We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying this winter!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving with Friends...

We had a great evening this Saturday in the old neighborhood in Noblesville.  Our friends, Aimie and Jeff had lots of our near by sorority sisters over for an early feast!  It was so nice to see everyone, and boy how our gatherings have changed! From wild nights that started at 10pm to rug rats all over the place and home by 9pm!  The food was wonderful, but even better was sharing stories and catching up with all my busy friends!  I had the pleasure of having the biggest kid and the funny!!  

Ella is just a month younger than Mason, and they wouldn't hold for many photos..too busy playing with all of Sophie's toys!!
Here is adorable Ella (Angela's baby girl..2) and Wyatt (Amanda's little bubba..8 months)
Here are the 3 11's!!  Wyatt (3-11-08) is exactly 6 months older than Marlee (9-11-08) and Blake (6-11-08) is sandwiched in between 3 months older than Marlee and 3 months younger than Wyatt!
And here are the babies of the group, added in is Sophie who is just 4 days older than Wyatt!!
Mommy Katie and Baby Boy Blake
Mommy Courtney and Baby Boy Brady, 1 year younger than Mason!
And another Thank You to our Hostesses with the Mostest, Aimie and Sophie!!

It was wonderful catching up with everyone.  Also in attendance was Abby and Julie.  It was great to hear how everyone was doing, and Abby--best salad ever...I need the ingredient list!!
Take care all, hope to see you again real soon!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

Our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese was a little over a week ago and Mason is still talking about it and all the fun he had spending a day with his cousins!  We left early in the morning and headed to Selma for  a day with the Bucks!  Mason played with all Jackson's cars and trucks, Anna's little people, Avery's books and their Thomas the train table.  Later in the afternoon we went to Meijer for a  little trip where Mimi and Poppy bought everyone a toy, then off to Chuck E. Cheese, again a gift from Mimi and Poppy to all!!  Thanks for the fun day everyone!

Here is how Mason and Anna play Skee Ball!!
Anna and Jackson with that super cool mouse!!
Avery and Mason riding on Scoop with Bob the Builder!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marlee's 2 month pics!

Here are the pictures of Marlee at 2 months we had taken at Portrait Innovations.  They turned out pretty cute considering we were pushing nap time.   

In her fuzzy "yo my booties!"
Classic Marlee face!
Pretty smile showing off those earrings!
Already loving the feather boa!
Scott said if he were there this picture wouldn't have been taken!!  I think she's a cute little angel!
Strong baby girl!
This is a concentrating face, often seen during a poop!!

She's 9 weeks today, I just can't believe how fast this time has gone.  We are experiencing our first cold of the season now.   She has a very runny nose, but so far no fever (knocking on wood!)  It's harder on Scott and I, who are having trouble sleeping with her snorting and fussiness!  Hopefully she's back to her old self soon. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Precious Earrings

Today was a pretty big day in my little 8 week olds life.  We had her 2 month follow up, which all you mama's out there know means round 1 of immunizations!!  From going through this once before I do remember that this 2 month is actually the best, as they get older the crying and pain seems to get worse and the process is harder on everyone.  Now, having a strong obsession with jewelry and loving fun earrings I guess I made a decision for me and Marlee to go ahead and get the torture over with and pierce those ears.  I don't know what it is about an infant with earrings, but it is something I have always known I wanted and I wanted asap!  When I was a little girl my most favorite baby doll's name was "Precious Earrings" and she had her ears pierced and a paci!!   An offshoot funny story...
When my brothers oldest girl was a baby one day he was talking to her in baby talk and called her Precious Earrings!!! My sister in law was like, What the hell!!??  Where did that name come from!  He had to babysit her a lot while growing up!  Sorry, back to today...
My original plan was actually to see if the doctor would do it at the hospital but with all of Marlee's drama (an IV for 6 days and tons of pricks for blood work and labs) I decided to hold off.  But now that I have a healthy infant I was ready to roll!  My doctor prefers to do it at this age too, and luckily she is the one that does it.  It made me feel really safe as opposed to the 17 year old at Claires!  So, in addition to 2 shots she also got 2 holes!!  Of course she wailed and it wasn't pleasant but as you will see in the pic's later she was feeling better and enjoying those flashy ears!  
She weighed in at 11 pounds, 4 ounces and was 23 inches long!!  She's really growing.  (7.13 and 20 inches long at birth.)  You will also notice her birth mark on her head in one of the pictures.  It is called a strawberry hemangioma and is a birth mark that continues growing through about the first 6 months.  So of course I wanted an absolutely perfect baby, but this is a birthmark that will eventually go away and in no way is harmful to her health.  So she has a birthmark on her head--big deal right!! :)

Here we are calming down and getting the pep talk from mommy!

Here is Dr. Fox and her nurse getting the job done.  Marlee was a real trooper!

The final result, a beautifully decorated ear!

After the nap, a very happy baby just loving those earrings.  She already asked daddy for diamonds!!

 Hope you can see Precious Earrings soon!  

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

7 weeks...

So I haven't had the internet on my computer for about 10 days now, which is why all these posts were posted today.  Make sure you go down the next few post before you leave our blog today, I think I have 4 from today!  

Here is a picture of Mason at 7 weeks and Marlee today (also 7 weeks) in their fun Alpaca hats!!  Mason was much more of a chunk but I am beginning to think they may look alike.  Marlee's eyes have really changed and I think she may have daddy's eyes as well.  

Chunky Mason

Baby Marlee

Mason is such a good boy and he loves his baby sister, or as he calls her, Peanut!  He always wants to know where she is and what she is doing.  When she cries he now says, "it's okay baby girl, I'm here."  He obviously picks up on what I say!  While playing last week he said, "here mommy, you play with my train; I'll go check on Marlee."  He cracks me up!!  He really is sincere though and I can see how much he loves her.  It's so cool to witness this bond forming.  

Take care for now...stay tuned.  Marlee has a big day tomorrow!!

Anna turns 2!

This past weekend was my niece Anna's 2nd birthday.  Mason LOVES his cousins so much and just loves to go play with them.  Him and Anna are 5 weeks apart and I know will grow to be great friends.  She is too darn cute and just looked so adorable in her tutu.  Since the recent pregnancy she has decided she has a baby in her belly!  She is a great little mama and loves the new dolls she got for her birthday.  Here is a picture of Mason and Marlee with their cousins (my brother Jason's kids), Anna, Avery and Jackson.  What a cute family, huh?!!

Here is Anna with her real life baby cousin Marlee!  She was so very happy to hold her.

And here is the beautiful Birthday Girl, Anna James!!