Mason & Marlee

Mason & Marlee
Our Family... Mason (3.5), Scott, Me and Marlee (1.5)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun Day!

We had a non-stop, fun filled, sunshiny day!!  I'll just recap a little about what we did in reverse order (since I never remember to upload in the correct order!)

Here is our new garden starting to take shape.  The area was tilled today and the kids loved to watch the tractor!  The next step is adding in some top soil to the mud, but for now it is a wonderful mud mess for Mason to use his tools in!  Mason got some water on his shorts earlier so he had to take those off--I love that he is in his undies and his rain boots!!
We had a lovely picnic for lunch!
Grandma and Grandpa came over for some fun on the swing set and the sandbox.
Stella, Norah and Ryan came over this morning while Marlee was napping for some outdoor fun!  Mason sings, "Stella, you remind me of my jeep!"  Just to take it back for some of you, he didn't really say that!!
Norah and Stella loved the car--I think it is Norah's favorite toy at our house!
Ryan had fun sliding with Mommy!
And this is just a great picture of Ruby sleeping on the couch (I took this at 3am a few nights ago!!)  Emmy was in the living room on "her" couch!!!  Those spoiled dogs!
See you soon!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Tooth

Here is a picture of Marlee's first 2 teeth that came this week!! Number 2 broke through yesterday which meant a full 12 hours of sleep again last night!!  Woooo Whoooo!!!  Hopefully we have a few weeks before the top ones start to come in:)
See you soon!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy 8 Month Marlee!

Oh my my my!!  How the time just flies by!  Marlee was 8 months yesterday, sandwiched between a wonderful mothers day and my last birthday in my 20's!  This has been a wonderful month because Marlee is so independent and strong enough that I can trust her and don't have to be by her side all the time.  She crawls super fast and follows me and Mason all around the house.  She cruises all around the furniture and will move from one piece to another as long as she can reach it.  She has taken a step here and there, but nothing I would consider her "first steps" yet, although I do think she can do it.  She will stand by herself and it freaks me out at times but she's really steady!  She jibber jabbers all the time and screams with excitement when she is happy.  She also taps one foot when she is really excited:)  She regularly says "dada" and "mama" (although "dada" is the favorite of the moment) and has said "bubba" and "baba" but they aren't everyday words yet.  She waves bye-bye or hello sometimes now too! She loves watching Mason and she loves to eat!! I have one of those mesh feeder things and she loves her bananas and frozen berries in it (berries are very messy, but she's learning right??!!)  She just officially got her first tooth today, bottom right and left is not far behind!  She is sleeping through the night finally  (since 7.5 months but the illness threw a wrench in the pattern) which I really am so happy about!   She is such a joy and such a wonderful baby girl. I just love you Peanut!!  Here are some pics of her in the last week..... she looks an awful lot like daddy now!!
I mean really.... those eyes are sooooo Scott!
Happy girl making a mess!
Enjoying the sandbox today with big brother.
See you soon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The swing set and sandbox!

We are hoping for more days like the beautiful evening we had tonight!  A morning of rain followed by a wonderfully sunny and warm afternoon, followed by a quick evening storm---- ahhhhhh May!  We are so happy to be back outside and especially now that all our new toys are out!  The sandbox just got put together this week (thanks Poppy!) and I filled it with over 1000 pounds of sand!!  Whew!!  The swing set has been set up for a couple weeks now and Mason is getting really good at climbing up and sliding down!  I had the pool opened this week as well only to learn that those pesky mice decided to make a nest in the heater again!! We have to have the whole thing re-wired!  So it's open, but probably very chilly!!  

Here are the kids enjoying the new sandbox.  Marlee has been in it too but needs carefully supervised; she likes to eat sand!  Yucky!
Mason--he could spend hours in here!
Drum Roll please......  Here is the new swing set!! I think Scott said he logged 16 hours over 2 days putting this beauty together! Every single piece needed put together!  A HUGE thanks to Poppy, Anthony and Shanx for helping out! 
(Marlee is on her way to the sandbox!)
Another view, they love to swing!  Mason wants Peanut in the red swing while he swings in the blue swing!
Here's big brother pushing Marlee!  They were both having so much fun; Mason was tickling her toes!
Bye for now!  Hope you can come play outside with us soon!
See you soon!
I have a feeling a new video will be made soon, Marlee has taken a step here and there and took 2 in a row for me today.  Holy Moly!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

It has not been a very fun week and half around the house!  It all started last week when I realized I had strep throat.  Thinking I caught it early I thought we may be in the clear.  I left town for a fun weekend with the girls and Scott stayed home and with the help of Poppy, Anthony and Shanx built a super cool swingset (which I will post pics of soon).  After a fun weekend of outdoor play the illness set in with Mason first.  I took him to the doc on Tuesday where he almost had an ear infection and a snotty nose most likely do to strep!  I passed it on! Their doc wanted to hold off on an antibiotic for Marlee since she wasn't showing much signs yet.  Then Thursday came and she got her turn with the doc and was diagnosed with an ear infection, a snotty nose due to strep and croup!!  Holy Moly!!  We have been down and out, but hopefully are on the upswing!  Of course this all happened after she gave me 4 full nights of sleep!! Hopefully that comes back soon!  Here are some of the pictures from before the illness struck.  The camera hasn't made it out because I lost my charger out with the girls... oops!!  

Marlee is into everything, here she is in mommy's "pretty room" getting into the decor!
This is the new "Marlee pose."  She is trying to stand on her own and pulls one knee under and sticks the other leg out and just tries to stand!  It's really funny to watch.
Mason with his fav, a milk shake and Arby's fries!
My 2 babies playing nicely with eachother.  
I swear I just got Mason broke from this habit a couple months ago and now Marlee is already into the dogs bowls....  Sorry girls, a couple more years of dehydration!
Marlee loves the leaner mirror, she's kissing that cute baby she sees!!
FUN!!  She already LOVES shoes!! Good girl, gets it honest!

See you soon, and hopefully we are all well!!