Mason & Marlee

Mason & Marlee
Our Family... Mason (3.5), Scott, Me and Marlee (1.5)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Naples Visit

We went to Naples early February to visit Nona and Papaw. I was feeling so good about the trip and so excited to get the kids outdoors again. We went to the doctor right before the trip because Mason had a pretty nasty cold and she looked at Marlee too and her ears looked bad again so both kids were put on antibiotics. I thought we were golden, caught it early right!! Wrong!! Marlee spiked a temp the day after we arrived and spent the entire week sick!! Bad sleeping, needy with mommy, just plain felt bad!! We tried to make the most of it but she was just so darn sick. We almost made a trip to the ER but luckily got the 105 degree fever to break a little within that hour. Mason had a great trip though. He loved loved loved the beach! He enjoyed the playground, Target:-), miniature golf, the hot tub and the pool! He didn't let Marlee's illness stop him! He slept great and really was just about perfect!
Maybe next year Miss Marlee. Poor Nona got Marlee's cold and had a pretty rough couple of weeks after we left. Marlee still really hasn't gotten rid of the ear infection. I have a bad feeling a future post is going to be of tubes!
It was nice to see Phyllis and Steve, and I'm sorry that our trip was so rough because I am not motivated to make another trip this year. Here are some of our pictures. Of course since I haven't made a post in forever I have forgotten I need to upload backwards so they are in reverse order!

Scott and I did get a release! We were joined by Timmy and Krista for the last weekend and we made a fantastic day trip out of the Superbowl!! A limo picked us up and drove us to Miami where we enjoyed a nice day out and fun night at the biggest party around!! Everything was great except for the loss!!
Mason and Marlee had a wonderful day with Nona and Papaw and were on their best behavior!
Mason got a few days in the pool but Marlee only got this one. They loved it!
A trip to the Naples zoo with Mommy, Daddy and Papaw!
Daddy and Bubby rode the camel! Cool!
My cute boy!
And darling girl
The Monkeys!!
Mason found a new love.... the hot tub!!! It might have been the highlight!
But I think the beach may actually take the #1 spot! He loved it. We weren't expecting him to get into the water so we wasn't dressed appropriately. But he loved it anyway!! What a natural smile! He just loved the waves. So much fun!
This was the spot he went to every time we had to get in the elevator!
We went to build a bear where he made Congo!
The playground at Nona and Papaws. Marlee had a fever of 103 here! What a sport!
Buzz got his getup at a trip to target with Nona and Papaw. He wanted to go about every 5 minutes after that first trip!
At dinner one night.
Marlee still being stylish even though she didn't feel the best.
See you soon with some updated pictures!