Mason & Marlee

Mason & Marlee
Our Family... Mason (3.5), Scott, Me and Marlee (1.5)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mason is 2 1/2 years old!

Mason Stephen Moorehead is 2 and 1/2 years old today!  I can't believe I have a pre-schooler!  He is so much fun and such a smart little guy.  He is a sponge and repeats everything he hears.  He loves robots right now, especially Wall-E and Eve.  He loves that movie and insists we watch it every day!  He says the lines before the characters do now.  Usually while he watches it he wanders back to his playroom where he makes Wall-E, Eve and the other robots out of anything he can find.  He uses his imagination all the time and pretends we are all robots.  He always wants to play "I'm Wall-E, you're Eve, and Peanut is Mo!"  He loves to play outdoors, swinging is still his favorite activity but he is really getting into the big slides at the parks and playing in our woods now too.  He loves ATV rides with daddy on nice days.  He loves to have books read to him and can fill in most of the blanks if you stop reading his favorite books.  It's funny, he'll be walking around playing and out of no where he quotes a book or a line from his movie.  He is enjoying learning his letters now and is interested in the sounds they make.  We are trying to learn a few words too.  He likes to paint and draw and color; he can draw a circle now.  He is so much fun and a great kid and such a sweetie.   He loves his family and friends more than anything!  We are so lucky to have our Mason!

Here he is playing with his friend Reagan last week at Recreation Unlimited.  They had a blast there.
He loves to fling his long hair around!
Here he is today, 2.5!!! Wow, time flies!
My sweet, sweet baby boy!
See you soon!

First Word!!

Marlee said her first word yesterday, March 28th .....   "Mama"
I'm so happy she said "mama"; Masons first word was "Daddy" at the exact same age (14 days shy of 7 months)!!!
I was so happy when she said it last night.  She said it while we were playing and my friend Lisa witnessed it!  When she woke up to eat last night I said, "Mama's here" and she said, "Mama".  Then this morning she was chanting it over and over!  Here's a clip for you to hear!

See you soon!

Friday, March 27, 2009

March Birthdays!

The past two weekends we have been celebrating like crazy!  Mason has been so happy and just loves going to his friends Birthday Parties!  Marlee started out a little overwhelmed by all the people at Wyatt's party but once we made it to Noah's she was an old pro and loved being around everyone. 
Wyatt Kuckartz turned 1, which just seems crazy!  He is 6 months exactly older than Marlee and by far puts her into perspective most--- 6 more months and that will be her.  Time goes so fast.  Wyatt is a very happy one year old who was really starting to walk on his big day.  I bet he's almost running now!   His party was in Noblesville a couple days after we returned from vacation.  I think both kids were pretty tired but overall they did good. 
Next was cousin Jackson Buck's 7th Birthday.  We travelled to Selma for his party which was very much a football theme!  Mason just loves being around his cousins and Marlee was very pleasant and happy to see everyone.
And we ended with a blast at Noah Bank's 2nd Birthday Party.  This was a party!!  We had so much fun at Bounce Planet, a perfect place for toddler and pre-school kiddo's --even for their parents!!  We had so much fun!
Thanks everyone for having us---We love to see our friends!

Here are a few pictures, of course I have loaded them backwards!

Mommy and Marlee at Noah's party.
Daddy going down one of the slides!
Mason loving the slides!
Here's Birthday Boy Noah!
The cousins, Mason, Marlee, Avery, Anna and Jackson
Birthday Boy Jackson!
I can't believe we were able to get this picture... These are all the kids who were at Wyatt's party!
And here is Birthday Boy Wyatt with Daddy Joe and Mommy Amanda!
Thanks again everyone, and Happy Birthday!
See you soon!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Marion Mall....

I knew that title would capture your attention!  For those of you who are not from here the "Five Point Mall" should not have the title "mall" at all!!  It's such a joke, but with a new name and new management it is getting a little better.  They have made some nice improvements and best of all they added this really fun and soft play area.  Tricia and I met today along with the kids for a little play time.  The kids all loved the area.  Mason kept running around in circles yelling, "this is so much fun!"  Stella, Norah and Ryan were huge fans of the stairs and Marlee enjoyed crawling on the bright floor.  After playing we took the troops to Applebee's...... Tricia and Myself, 4 highchairs and a booster!  When people came in and asked where they wanted to sit I'm sure they looked at us and said, "not there!!!!"  The kids were all really well behaved and you could tell Tricia and I were no rookies, we were in and out with boxes in hand with-in 20 minutes!  We didn't have a nice relaxing conversation, more like "no, you can't have that knife" 20 time's!!  It was an adventure and it was a success.  Mason wanted to hit the play area one more time before we left so we had a little more fun then came home to a wonderful afternoon nap!  Here are some pictures......

Ryan and Stella going under the school, in Boiler attire---BOILER UP!
The girls; Norah, Stella and Marlee
I just loved this picture of those 3 on the stairs!
Mason having tons of fun!
Marlee liked the tunnels too!

Here we are at Applebee's!
Back for more!
Mason is such a big boy now!  He's pointing at me telling me what to do!
See you soon!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Scott and I left early Sunday morning to arrive in the sunny, perfect Bahamas in the middle of the afternoon!  It was a breath of fresh air!  We had a wonderful time together.  It was a work trip but the other couples were awesome and the only "work" was a meeting that Scott had to attend for a long morning-- which I spent in the spa!  Shucks!  We had great meals, perfect weather and time to regroup and reconnect with each other and no baby or pre-schooler in between.  We missed the kids terribly but not too terribly until Wednesday, by Thursday all I wanted was to hold them!  I think they missed us to, and poor Mimi and Poppy really missed us but did an excellent job holding up the fort!  Thanks again "you guys" (as Mason would say)!  Our busy days in the Bahamas were great, it was those nights in bed and early morning I missed the kids.  Some highlights were swimming with the dolphins--soooooo fun!!  We actually got a ride from them.  We went out in the water with a boogie board and held our legs out and they came up behind us and pushed us, fast, through the water with their noses in our feet!  It was so awesome!  Scott and I took decided to go down a waterslide through some sharks sight unseen-- come to find out it's the steepest waterslide in the world!!!  It was scary and I do have a nice bruise on my leg but it was fun!  Then we rode in the not-so "lazy" river.  I had fun but it made Scottie a little sea sick!  We also spent a ton of time at the "adult pool" (I had to attach a picture) sipping on Pina Coladas!  I did some shopping while Scott golfed one day but mostly we were together checking out the Islands!  Atlantis is so awesome, I can't wait to take the kids when they are older.  But save up--it ain't a cheap trip!!  Especially when your lucks down at the Casino!!!!

Here we are going out to a dinner cruise, beautiful full moon behind us.
This was the Cove tower, where we stayed.  All rooms have ocean views!
Scott on the Palm...
Me lovin' the palm...
Out on some rocks, those are all the buildings of Atlantis behind us.
The "adult" pool.  The family pools were awesome too, but it wasn't a "family" trip for us!
View from our room.
We saw the sunrise.
I wish we could put some of the photos taken with us and the dolphins.  We'll get them hopefully next week to share on the blog!
BTW... for all you who don't live here, it's 30 degrees in Marion today!! Ouch!
Check out Marlee's 6 month below for her big week!
See you soon!

Happy 6 Month Baby Girl

I can't believe how fast time goes by!  Scott and I left for 5 days and we really did come home to some big changes!  First, I think she may have a little hair coming in!!   She must really be trying for me knowing I  can't wait to get those cute little barrette's in her hair.  Now she is also standing in her crib and getting up to her toys by herself!  We left Sunday and got in late last night so I didn't see her for 5 days.  Mimi asked if she was standing in the crib before we left and when I replied "no" she said she must have started Sunday!  (good thing Scott and I lowered the crib before we left, just in case!)  It was too funny to wake up to her cooing in the crib, then when I flicked on the video there she was--peering out waiting for me!  These pictures were taken after today's nap.  She's kind of ahead of herself here.  She can get up but not down, so the "games" have also begun.  Poor Mimi--- a time change, a new milestone, and no mama or daddy!  Rough week I'm sure!  She has also really discovered her voice, lots more screams of excitement, raspberry blows and giggles but not much in the way of consonant-vowel sounds yet.  Here are some pictures from today.

Here is Marlee waiting on Mama!
Little Peanut, she knows she's a big girl now!
I put her down and she crawled to her toy and then I looked and here she was, standing up!  She even cruised to the other side.  She's cruising around her crib too!  Slow down girl!
I did have to help her here but before I know it she'll be pushing her dolly all around!

A little late but cut me some slack--I was in the Bahamas!!  I'll post a few of those pictures too.
See you soon!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

And she's off...

Here's an updated video of Marlee's progress as a mover!
See you soon!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What will I miss???

Early Sunday morning Scott and I leave to go to Atlantis for 5 days; our first vacation in a year and a half by ourselves.  I am so excited to get away but leaving these 2 behind gets increasingly hard!  I go in waves where I just want to go to thinking I can't leave!  Scott and I are super excited to spend some time away though, and the break should be good for us all.  Mason seems happy to be spending some time with Mimi and Poppy and Marlee's next favorite person is Mimi so all should be well here.   They are coming to our house so the familiarity should help too.  
Marlee is crawling everywhere!  She wants down and goes to her toys and whatever Mason is playing with.  It seems so funny to have her mobile already.  She crawls over to me and pushes up to her feet and stands up already too!  She'll stand at anything she can.  I think by the time I return she may figure out how to get up to her toys!  She is super baby--- she amazes me all the time.  
Here are some pictures of what's been happening this past week.  I'll try to post more of her crawling before we leave but no promises!

Here she is sitting up all by herself.  She can go from sitting to a crawl, but not reverse yet.
Her new bathtub seat, she loves bath toys!
Big smile!  She sits here and watches me prepare lunch and do dishes.
Mason is enjoying his own cheese pizza!  Yummy!  He ate a little off most pieces!
Finally, a small glimpse that spring may be around the corner!  We bundled up and enjoyed the high 50's!  If it weren't for the chilly breeze we may have stayed out longer.
Mason LOVES to swing!
Marlee was happy to get some fresh air.
See you soon!