Mason & Marlee

Mason & Marlee
Our Family... Mason (3.5), Scott, Me and Marlee (1.5)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playdate with the Shankslets!

Well you may think Tricia and I would get our kids together often considering we live 3 minutes from each other and both stay home, but that is not the way it works!  While I was pregnant Mason and I would go there, but once Marlee came, then the holidays came, then the illness would come infect the Shanks house one after another, so that was a 2 week ordeal, then Marlee is working on a schedule so we are pretty homebound till that happens, then....  you can see where I'm going!  Today the stars aligned and we had 3 healthy Shank's, a napping Marlee and a Mason that was up for having friends over!  
They came over after their morning nap and stayed till nap #2.  We had a picnic on the floor of the playroom and just shut ourselves in the basement for 2 hours.  It was nice.  The triplets are so use to playing with each other there is no drama when it comes to playing.  Then you have Mason, a very typical selfish 2 year old!! He wanted what they had, and wanted Stella out of "his" chair!  Overall though it was a success.  Mason would show them toys and really tried to get Ryan over to the tool bench.  He came and tried to grab his hand and said, "come on Ryan, I'll show you."  Ryan didn't cooperate, but later warmed up and got a big kick out of the drill!  
Here are some pictures from our day. None of "the boss!" I didn't have my camera handy the whole time.
Tricia and Marlee... this is Tricia's "I'm so happy this stage is over with" face!
Norah and Ryan
"The Girls" Norah, Marlee and Stella
The Shankslet's were very curious about baby Marlee.  It seems like just yesterday this was Mason checking out 3 little babies!!

  Thanks for making the trip today Tricia, I know it's hard to get 3 bundled and in the car, but it sure was nice for a change!
See you soon!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy Week!

We had a very eventful week last week.  Here are the pics of all our events!

Bob the Builder...
 Last Wednesday night we took Mason to his first "Show", it was "Bob the Builder!!!"  We bought the tickets when it was phasing out of Masons "must-watch" shows, but we knew he would still enjoy the show since he knows all the characters.  He was one of the younger ones in the audience, and a little overwhelmed by the whole experience.  Scott and I took him to Applebee's before for dinner and then off the Wabash to the Honeywell center--so  nice and close for us!!  So, of course I totally overdressed us---I need to remember I live in Marion now! But it was a very fun night for all 3 of us.  Thanks to Mimi and Poppy for watching baby girl.  

Before we even went in we had to hit up the tee-shirt stand! 
The man of the hour, Bob!
Silly boy after the show, we had to watch Bob all the way home in the truck.
At the show, he was on my lap the whole night.  Not too much emotion at first, but by the end he was clapping and we were all blowing the windmills!
So Scott is going to kill me for posting this, but hey--he did it!  He fit right in!

Around the house... Just a cute pic I wanted to post of Mason pushing Marlee's button!!!!  (that's what we call her hemangioma!)

Marlee's First Food...
Saturday morning we gave Marlee her first meal, yummy rice cereal!!  She didn't take quite as quickly as I remember her big brother.  I don't think she even got a full bite in!!  We'll keep trying!
Here she is after a few spoonfuls!
Looks like she may have it, but she kept grabbing the spoon and pushing the food out with her tongue.  It may be awhile for her to figure out how to open and chew and not to try and suck!

Mimi's Birthday...
Saturday night we had my brother and his wife, their kids, my dad's parents, my parents and their best friends over for dinner cooked by Chef Scottie! This has been a tradition we started a few years back.  Scott made chicken parmesan for Mimi and company and we had eggplant parmesan for us veggies (and Staci)!  It was sooooooo good!  He made wonderful appetizers, we had plenty of wine and finished the night with a wonderful cake from Heavenly Sweets!!!! Yumm-O!

Here's a pic of Mimi with her newest grand-baby Marlee!
Here is a picture of the family, can't believe we are all looking at the camera!
Mimi and bearded Poppy, Mason and Marlee
Mimi with the rest of her babies, Jackson, Anna, Mason and Avery
Happy Birthday Mimi!!!!!!!

PS--I am now the VP of the Humane Society Board here in Marion.  Call me if you need a dog or cat--and remember, Have your pets spayed or neutered!!!!!
See you soon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy 4 month Marlee!!

Marlee Elizabeth was 4 months this past Sunday.  Today was her 4 month check up with Dr. Fox.  Dr. Fox was very proud of Marlee's growth and said she was as healthy as she could be:)  Marlee was 14 lbs, 7 oz's and 25.5 inches long (80th percentile for height--what??!!!)  She did have to get another round of shots, but only cried briefly and then began kicking again.  

At 4 months Marlee is rolling both ways, grabbing her toys bringing them to her mouth, pushing up on her hands and inch worming a little with her body.  She sits up very well with assistance and really likes to stand.  This weekend she just started laughing which I was so excited to hear!!  What's so funny you may be asking, well the answer is Mason!!  Here are a few of Marlee's recent pics.
On our way to the doctor (yes she was buckled in!)

Loving the bath now--a major splasher!
A little butt shot for ya!

Enjoying the jumperoo now
"Hello everyone!"
Love this outfit... she does too!
Her sweet tutu and flower headband... she likes to play with the tutu!
Love Love Love Her!!!
Stay tuned, we got the okay to start solids!!!!!  I'm sure we'll have some fun pictures of that!
See you soon!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

She did it!

Here is a picture shortly after the  big moment....

Marlee rolled over from her back to her belly!  She did it this morning while she was in her crib.  I was the only witness this time, she just got the momentum and flipped.  She was so proud of herself and mommy was very proud too!

NYE 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!!  We were so excited to get a night out, and a whole night away!  Mimi and Poppy volunteered to stay with the kids, and Poppy even decided to be the designated driver and take our Limo!!  (Yes, our Limo.  One night Scott and Scott Shanks had the great idea to buy our own Limo on ebay.  Tricia and I just sat back and watched the excitement in our hubby's eyes!  They drove to Akron Ohio where they picked up our 1988 Cadillac Brougham...It has been fun!) Anyways, we went to the Country Club in Marion and had a great night.  We borrowed Nona and Papaw's pad to crash since they are in Florida!  What a great night!

Me, Scott and Katie in the Limo
Justin, Tricia and Shanx in the Limo.
The girls with Chauffeur Jay!
Our group, parents night out!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

December 29th was Scottie's 31st Birthday!!  Another crazy year gone by!  It was a big one, we had the move in March so he had to deal with me decorating a new home, pregnant (those of you who are close know I don't love being pregnant) and hormonal me, then it all got better in September when our beautiful little girl came!!  No really, we had a wonderful year.  Now we are just trying to get some sleep:)

Here is our family. Tradition for Scott's birthday is I cook for him. He is the cook here (I know I'm lucky---and he is a REALLY GOOD COOK)  so once a year I pull out some fancy recipe and prepare the king a feast!  This year the menu was gorgenzola and cranberry puff pastries (okay, I bought these, I have 2 babies, come on now!), a wonderful spinach salad with a warm shallot dressing and from scratch crab cakes!  It was delicious!  

Yes, he wanted a chainsaw!  We live out in the country in Marion, he's got tree's to chop down!
And the warm Carharts!  You really fit in now honey!

Mason helped unwrap the presents.  He also gave Daddy his Robot (See Christmas)  He's so darn sweet!
Marlee was the life of the party!
Here's to another fantastic year honey!

Marlee Rolled Over!

Yay Marlee!!!  She rolled over from her belly to her back December 26th!  What a big girl!  My brother-in-laws girlfriend Krista was the other witness, she just flipped right over!
She is working on the other way too.   She likes being on her belly so we'll keep practicing and let you know when she does it!

This pic was taken shortly after the big moment!

Christmas Day

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Ours was great.  Mason really understood it this year and the magic of Christmas morning was just awesome!  I went to get him when he woke up and the look on his face was total shock when he saw all the gifts under the tree and the stuffed stockings.  Of all his gifts the $8 robot I found a few days before was by far the most exciting gift!  Here are a few pictures of our morning.

This is the carrot we left for Rudolph, the cookies and milk were on the mantel behind them.

Even after eating one of Santa's cookies Ruby still was treated to Christmas presents!  She acts like a puppy on Christmas Day, checking out her toys and finding hiding spots for her bones!
Marlee and Papaw, she just loves to smile for him!
This was Masons big gift, the "learning tower" and it is a hit.  He loves to be up at the counters with us.
Marlee is an aspiring rock star!
"Eeeewww, Ahhhh"  New tools!
Mason helped Marlee open her stocking and then was showing her his favorite Robot he got in his stocking!