Mason & Marlee

Mason & Marlee
Our Family... Mason (3.5), Scott, Me and Marlee (1.5)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Florida Trip

Happy Birthday Nona!!
We travelled to Naples for Nona's 60th Birthday a couple of weeks ago.  The weather was great and it was nice to see Steve and Phyllis, Tim and Krista.  Steve and Phyllis have been in sunny, warm FL since the day after Christmas and we've only seen Phyllis briefly in January so it was nice for Mason and Marlee to spend some time with Nona and Papaw.  We arrived Friday afternoon and left Monday afternoon; just enough time I'm sure for them to get a dose of a toddler and his baby sister!! Mason LOVED it there!  He had so much fun swimming and playing with all the fun things at their house and of course there isn't much cooler than the elevator!  It was a little harder on Marlee, as we assumed going into it, but we were glad we made the trip and I'm sure Phyllis loved having her whole family there to celebrate her big day!   The kids were both perfect for Nona's lovely birthday party.  It was early in the evening so Scott and I headed out as soon as the kids woke up from naps.  There was a wonderful dinner followed by a sweet toast to the birthday girl from her wonderful hubby.  Then we took a family picture outside at sunset for her birthday present and came in to enjoy yummy cake and lots of dancing!   It was a great evening and Mason was so excited the table centerpieces were balloons instead of flowers! He brought them all back to the condo!!  Daddy enjoyed sucking the helium for everyone!  
Here are some of the pictures from our trip.  Thanks for putting up with us Nona and Papaw, and for letting us get a few breaks too!!  We can't wait till you're back in Marion with us!
Here is Steve speaking and Phyllis with her gorgeous and yummy cake!
An action shot of me and Marlee dancing!
Lindsey, Samantha, me and Marlee.  We were so excited to see each other again; our last meeting Lindsey had a large tummy and I had a bump forming.  Next visit there will be one more baby added to the pic from Scott's other cousins wife Lita!!  Any day I'm guessing!!  The girls had fun playing together, and I'm told people enjoyed watching them interact!  We feel like we know each other so well because we keep up with each others blogs:)  So glad we do this! 
Here is Mason and Krista (Mason's a boob man!!)
Scottie and Steve.... such good buddies too!
Mason enjoyed giving Nona some early presents!
Yay!!! We can't wait to open our pool now!!  Mason did wonderful with his water wings and enjoyed "swimming" by himself!  Marlee loved the water and really liked laughing at big brother!
Her first bikini!!!
See you soon!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy 7 month Baby Girl!!

Baby Girl is 7 months old today!! I can't believe it!  She has changed so much in one month; each week brings amazing accomplishments!  I know I've been through it once but it is equally amazing the second time around.  Marlee is so strong and is on the go constantly, not happy if she isn't!!  The downside is the constant supervision she requires!  She thinks she can walk so once she stands up to something she just lets go like she's coming, then "clunk," she falls down!  She has stood a few times for a few seconds and she loves to take your hands and "walk" with you.  She is in 9 month clothes now and they fit her perfect.  Maybe if she'd start skipping one of those night time feedings she'd slow down in that department too!  She is very pleasant and happy now and is loving her freedom.  Her favorite toy is any ball at the moment, she loves to chase!  Sometimes I feel like I have a new puppy, but she loves it!  She loves her dogs now and her daddy and of course, her bubba!!  She is still only saying "mama" but Scott and I both think we've heard a "dada" but it's not frequent yet.  I have to confess to you all... I LOVE that she said "mama" first!!!  And she says it all the time and it seems to be when she see's me or wants me--what a great feeling!!  I think she may be working on that first tooth currently (what fun:().  She is up to 3 meals a day.  Her fav's as of now are sweet potatoes, her cereal and applesauce and rice and lentils!!  Not a fan of peas just yet!
 We just had our first "vacation" last weekend to see Nona and Papaw to celebrate Phyllis's 60th Birthday!  While I have to say both kids were great at her actual party the trip was a bit rough on me and Miss Marlee (which in turn makes it a bit rough for daddy).  Mason had a blast!!!  I will post more soon but I managed to forget my camera so I'm without all those pics as we speak!  Luckily  I found my old camera so I took a few pics of the big girl today!  
Here is the happy 7 month old!
She's so awesome!
See you soon!  Happy Easter!