Mason & Marlee

Mason & Marlee
Our Family... Mason (3.5), Scott, Me and Marlee (1.5)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Birthday weekend!

Marlee was a little overwhelmed by all the family and friends that came to our house Saturday to show their love and give her Birthday Wishes!  She spent most of the day in my arms or her Mimi's arms.  She looked beautiful and loved all her presents but still didn't want anything to do with that cake!  Here are a few of my pictures from the day.  

Here she is in her lovely Birthday Pettiskirt!
Playing with her new jeep with Stella Shanks
Enjoying her birthday juice box!!  
After the party she put on her Purdue cheerleader outfit as daddy anticipated the big game!
And Sunday her, daddy and Bubba dressed in Colts Blue to cheer on our team!
Thanks to everyone who made the trip to Marion to be with Marlee on her first birthday!!  She loves her friends and family.
See you soon!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Marlee!!

Wow, I cannot believe the day is here already!  What a fast year, even faster than my first year with Mason!  Marlee is a wonderful gift we received on September 11, 2008; a date that was the only one I would have chose against in those last weeks of pregnancy.  But she was suppose to come then, on a day most of us cry and remember so many whose lives were cut too short.  Marlee is a blessing that one of those Angels coaxed along to bring a few more smiles to the day, to make us all remember life does go on.
And what a joy she has brought to our lives!  She is such a sweet baby girl, full of energy and smiles.  She makes me so happy and can always manage to make me laugh.  I just can't help but kiss her all the time!  
I just had her 1st pictures taken this past Wednesday and it was such a different experience then when I took Mason (who was not walking at a year).   She of course is running all over the studio and just thinks it's hilarious when we are running after her!  She would immediately start running or get down from the chair or stand up if we sat her down and take off!! At least she was in a good mood so I am sure Dan being the wonderful photographer he is was able to catch some cute shots!  The other thing from the day that shocked me was the fact that she would not eat her cake!! I got her a smash cake for the pictures and she wanted nothing to do with it (this from the girl that eats anything!)  I even put the cake and icing in her mouth!  All she wanted to do was rub her feet in it??!!  Whatever!! I guess we won't have the messy cake eating shots!  I wonder if she'll eat it at her party Saturday?
Other than being extra mobile Marlee has had a few more achievements this month (of course, she is a genius!)  She has added "more", "bath" and "no" in her vocab regularly and shakes her head no too! She has figured out how to climb up the stairs (and fast too) which means I must purchase a bottom of the stairs gate!  She pats her dogs and has become very interested in her books, especially those she can feel.  She loves her bath and try's to hoist herself in most nights.   She is on regular milk and off formula (HORRAY!)  and is tolerating it very well.  She has 8 teeth, 4 bottom and 4 on top.  She loves to get on Mason's trampoline and jump, she loves to get on my bed and dive in the pillows and she loves to dive into the ball pit.  I feel like these last few were much later in development with Mason but am assuming since she watches and mimics big brother the ideas were just put into her head sooner!
I'll stop rambling for now and let you check out the pictures I have of her from the past week or so and a few from right around 1 year ago!  I'll post party pics soon!  Thanks for keeping up with her and loving her!  

The last picture of her as my non-1-year old!  So sweet!
A friend of mine took this picture, so Marlee!
She has discovered the drawer where I keep all the ziplocks, foil, etc.  She pulled every single baggie out of this box... multiple times!  Who needs child locks... they hide the best toys!
Running around at the Club one evening, entertaining!
The picture I used on her birth announcement, she had just come home and was a week old!
Here is where we were just a year ago.
My water broke at 7am September 11, 2008.  I was in bed petting the dogs.  Unsure for sure, since I didn't experience it naturally with Mason, I got up and told Scott and called the doc.  About 30 minutes later as I was in the shower I was positive it was my water that broke!  Contractions didn't get bad until around 1pm and after a little epidural drama Marlee arrived at 4:12 pm.  What a wonderful day!
Time goes too fast.  I love my children more than anything and feel so lucky to be their mommy.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for my babies, but at the same time I wish I could pause time to just soak it all in!

See you soon!