Mason & Marlee

Mason & Marlee
Our Family... Mason (3.5), Scott, Me and Marlee (1.5)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Pictures

Well it has been a really long time since I have updated and so much has happened. Christmas and New Years have come and gone! We had a wonderful time around here, the kids are so much fun and were very in the Christmas Spirit!
Since Christmas we have quite the set-up and rarely leave the house since it's so easy to play here. We have a great place to burn energy, tons of imagination toys and learning toys. Play dough is a new hit with Marlee and wonderful since she doesn't eat it anymore. I love the getting it out for both kids to enjoy and play together.
Mason loves to play with his toys and use his imagination. He spends hours playing with all his Imaginex things and dressing up as Batman. Superheroes are the new "thing" and monsters are on a whole new level of scary! He loves art time at school and can now recite the Pledge of Allegiance. He loves to "exercise" by jumping in the new bounce house and doing his toe-touches on the trampoline.
Marlee has changed soooooooo much I can hardly write it down. She is much more independent and loves everyone now (not totally mommy dependent!) She is talking so much more, mimicking all the things we say and last night had her first 3 word sentence ("Max eat treat!") She is just growing up so fast and such a bubbly personality. If you haven't seen her recently you're in for a whole new baby next time you're with her!
Here are some recent pictures I've taken. I guess we'll just bypass Christmas pics on the blog.

Marlee is into "cheesing" for mommy's new camera
So cute, I love that we can do pony tails now!
Mason, or should I say Batman! He has to wear the goggles to complete the look!
Peanut butter time! The kids love to put their spoons in the peanut butter. Of course they both need their own jars!
Play time in the snow. Marlee's first real play time in it! She was curious and the snow on her gloves didn't feel so good on her face. Too hard to walk in too so I put her in the sled most of the time.
Mason had his face in the snow 99% of the time we were out! He loves it in the snow!
Notice the snowball in Mason's right hand.... headed right for poor Peanuts face! Wait till next year Bubby!
This picture is like a flash forward of what I think Mason will look like in high school! So serious.
The best picture I've gotten of the 2 of them!
And the 3 of us goofing around!
See you soon! Hopefully a little sooner than the last post!