Mason & Marlee

Mason & Marlee
Our Family... Mason (3.5), Scott, Me and Marlee (1.5)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christmas in July

Yesterday was our 2nd annual "Moorehead Christmas in July Party" at our house.  Scott and I love to throw parties and this is our big shindig!  When we lived in Noblesville we always had a Christmas Party but with the busy Holiday season we decided now that we live in Marion we need a summer party instead, especially since we have a nice outdoor party house.  The weather man was predicting a record low for the day so we were a little bummed thinking people would have to wear sweatshirts and the pool wouldn't even get used.  Luckily he was wrong and it turned out to be a great day!  I cranked to pool up to 90 degrees so the kids were even able to enjoy that (and the adults late night!)  We want to thank all of our friends for coming and a big thanks to all the grandparents for taking the kids away so we could play too!!  Here are some pictures from the day activities; night time was fun but no need for those pictures on the family blog!!  

Marlee was happy to have so many friends to play with!  Mason was too.  He spent a good portion of the party in the pool with his buddies!
Wyatt was the last kid standing at the party and was ready to keep going when he was finally packed up (Swollen eye and all.... there were a few bumps and bruises in the kid department... oh, I think in the adult department too.... hehehehe)
Here is Mason and Cousin Anna on the jeep
Ace was loving the jeep too, dodging babies the whole way!
Preston got a little worn out as the day went on!
Meredith was showing us her biking skills!
Noah and Isabella were giving Ruby lots of lovin'!
Here's AJ giving Noah the tour!
The water bug of the day, Tyler!
His little bro Trevor kept the lawn looking nice!
Thanks so much Arden and Asa for bringing the Roller Coaster!  It was a hit with the little ones (and a few of the big ones later!)  Notice Ace underneath, Masons the one going down and Arden is supervising as usual!!!
Longest drive goes to Maggie who came all the way from Cincinnati to play with Marlee!  Thanks for coming Bakers, it was great to see you!
Here are Preston, Marlee and Brady.  Preston and Brady were born on the same day exactly 3 weeks before Marlee.  Won't these 3 be causing trouble next year!
There were quite a few more kids here; Stella, Norah and Ryan, Conner, Ashton, and Drew but with naps, packing the kids up and getting dinner set up I missed the photos of that group.  I'm thinking Tricia will have some good pics of them on her blog soon!

Me and my brother Jace, thanks for coming and making margaritas for us!
After the kids made their way home we played a round of kickball.  It was so much fun and sure to be a tradition we continue for years to come!  This was the winning team.
And here are the losers!  But we all had a blast!!
Thanks again for coming friends!!!  We love you!!!!!!!!
See you soon!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 10 Month Mar Mar!

I really can't believe Marlee turned 10 months this past Saturday.... In a way  I am sad that the time has gone so fast, but don't mistake me, my family does stop here!  She is so much fun  now and into everything!  She is walking more, although not a "walker" just yet.  She does best when she takes off on her own.  She has added 2 more strong words to her vocab this month, "at" (for hat) and "ball" which are both her favorite toys at the moment!  She has also been busy this last week cutting 3 teeth!!!  Her top 2 and one on bottom next to the first 2.  What a week it has been!  Only one night awakening but not very good naps and a very snotty nose.  Poor baby girl!  Mason is getting a little more jealous as his baby sister is just so cute she is getting a lot more of the attention of our guests.  He does love her though as he proved yesterday:  I had just gotten home from my hair appointment and I had a couple high school girls here with Mason.  As I was talking to Brittany Marlee took a tumble and really bumped her head.  I grabbed her and walked around; Mason came running over to me and asked if Marlee was okay then looked at Brittany and asked, "What did you do to my baby sister?"  It was very protective and cute!  Here are some pictures of my big girl! 
Her fish face
Walking to Poppy!
Playing with Masons dinosaur collection while he is napping... shhhhhh!
Getting kisses from Poppy
Picking a pepper in the garden...
Playing her favorite game with her Bubba: hide in mommy's pretty curtains!  She laughs and laughs and laughs at this game and ends up getting all twirled in the curtains too!
Kissing her baby, one of her newest talents.. she gives kisses.  She has also learned how to suck through a straw and suck a lollipop!
Getting into her drawers
"Here mom, come join in the fun!"  
Oh that daddy really makes her laugh when she goes upside down and bounces high!
See you soon!  

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July....

We decided for the 4th this year we were going to take a family trip to downtown Indianapolis for a great weekend, something we have yet to attempt.  After what I feel like was 2 days of non-stop packing and organizing the car was stuffed and we were off for our great adventure.  Too bad the weather wanted no part of our plan....  as we were packing Friday morning my mom called with the grim news that Saturday was calling for thunderstorms all day.  We hurried and made a change of plans to go to the zoo Friday instead of Saturday.  The kids didn't nap in the car well but despite that still had a wonderful time at the zoo!  Mason loved the "desert" area and was very into the snakes and Marlee loved the train ride and the aquarium!  After our zoo experience we settled in at our downtown loft and then went on a stroll all over downtown.  The kids were so well behaved!  Marlee loves to people watch.  Then back to the loft where Marlee retired for the evening and PF Changs for dinner for myself, Scott and Mason (who now loves garlic noodles!)   Mason had a hard time sleeping so when we woke up to a gloomy day we decided on lunch and shoe shopping then packed up and headed home.  The fireworks actually were cancelled so we made the right choice.  Nona and Papaw came over for a 4th cook-in instead!!  It was still fun but a whole lot of work for 24 hours!

Here is Marlee and mommy on the train ride.  She bounced and laughed most of the way!
Daddy and Mason waiting for the train enjoying frozen lemonade!
Here is how we got around, I love this stroller!
Flashback for you... Here is Mason this year in the snake area.....
And just 1 year ago at his first trip to the zoo!!  I can't believe it!
See you soon!