Mason & Marlee

Mason & Marlee
Our Family... Mason (3.5), Scott, Me and Marlee (1.5)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Wishing you and your families a very Happy Easter!!
See you soon!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Naples Visit

We went to Naples early February to visit Nona and Papaw. I was feeling so good about the trip and so excited to get the kids outdoors again. We went to the doctor right before the trip because Mason had a pretty nasty cold and she looked at Marlee too and her ears looked bad again so both kids were put on antibiotics. I thought we were golden, caught it early right!! Wrong!! Marlee spiked a temp the day after we arrived and spent the entire week sick!! Bad sleeping, needy with mommy, just plain felt bad!! We tried to make the most of it but she was just so darn sick. We almost made a trip to the ER but luckily got the 105 degree fever to break a little within that hour. Mason had a great trip though. He loved loved loved the beach! He enjoyed the playground, Target:-), miniature golf, the hot tub and the pool! He didn't let Marlee's illness stop him! He slept great and really was just about perfect!
Maybe next year Miss Marlee. Poor Nona got Marlee's cold and had a pretty rough couple of weeks after we left. Marlee still really hasn't gotten rid of the ear infection. I have a bad feeling a future post is going to be of tubes!
It was nice to see Phyllis and Steve, and I'm sorry that our trip was so rough because I am not motivated to make another trip this year. Here are some of our pictures. Of course since I haven't made a post in forever I have forgotten I need to upload backwards so they are in reverse order!

Scott and I did get a release! We were joined by Timmy and Krista for the last weekend and we made a fantastic day trip out of the Superbowl!! A limo picked us up and drove us to Miami where we enjoyed a nice day out and fun night at the biggest party around!! Everything was great except for the loss!!
Mason and Marlee had a wonderful day with Nona and Papaw and were on their best behavior!
Mason got a few days in the pool but Marlee only got this one. They loved it!
A trip to the Naples zoo with Mommy, Daddy and Papaw!
Daddy and Bubby rode the camel! Cool!
My cute boy!
And darling girl
The Monkeys!!
Mason found a new love.... the hot tub!!! It might have been the highlight!
But I think the beach may actually take the #1 spot! He loved it. We weren't expecting him to get into the water so we wasn't dressed appropriately. But he loved it anyway!! What a natural smile! He just loved the waves. So much fun!
This was the spot he went to every time we had to get in the elevator!
We went to build a bear where he made Congo!
The playground at Nona and Papaws. Marlee had a fever of 103 here! What a sport!
Buzz got his getup at a trip to target with Nona and Papaw. He wanted to go about every 5 minutes after that first trip!
At dinner one night.
Marlee still being stylish even though she didn't feel the best.
See you soon with some updated pictures!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Pictures

Well it has been a really long time since I have updated and so much has happened. Christmas and New Years have come and gone! We had a wonderful time around here, the kids are so much fun and were very in the Christmas Spirit!
Since Christmas we have quite the set-up and rarely leave the house since it's so easy to play here. We have a great place to burn energy, tons of imagination toys and learning toys. Play dough is a new hit with Marlee and wonderful since she doesn't eat it anymore. I love the getting it out for both kids to enjoy and play together.
Mason loves to play with his toys and use his imagination. He spends hours playing with all his Imaginex things and dressing up as Batman. Superheroes are the new "thing" and monsters are on a whole new level of scary! He loves art time at school and can now recite the Pledge of Allegiance. He loves to "exercise" by jumping in the new bounce house and doing his toe-touches on the trampoline.
Marlee has changed soooooooo much I can hardly write it down. She is much more independent and loves everyone now (not totally mommy dependent!) She is talking so much more, mimicking all the things we say and last night had her first 3 word sentence ("Max eat treat!") She is just growing up so fast and such a bubbly personality. If you haven't seen her recently you're in for a whole new baby next time you're with her!
Here are some recent pictures I've taken. I guess we'll just bypass Christmas pics on the blog.

Marlee is into "cheesing" for mommy's new camera
So cute, I love that we can do pony tails now!
Mason, or should I say Batman! He has to wear the goggles to complete the look!
Peanut butter time! The kids love to put their spoons in the peanut butter. Of course they both need their own jars!
Play time in the snow. Marlee's first real play time in it! She was curious and the snow on her gloves didn't feel so good on her face. Too hard to walk in too so I put her in the sled most of the time.
Mason had his face in the snow 99% of the time we were out! He loves it in the snow!
Notice the snowball in Mason's right hand.... headed right for poor Peanuts face! Wait till next year Bubby!
This picture is like a flash forward of what I think Mason will look like in high school! So serious.
The best picture I've gotten of the 2 of them!
And the 3 of us goofing around!
See you soon! Hopefully a little sooner than the last post!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas...

I didn't have my camera out at Thanksgiving and I am so bummed!! I usually am the best at taking pictures but since Mason has discovered how to use my camera every time I sat it down he would pick it up, and eventually there were pieces falling off!! Imagine that!! Santa, this is at the top of my Christmas wish list! I am using my 5 year old camera now!
Anyways, we had a wonderful small Thanksgiving. I missed the hustle and bustle of the big ones we spend with my moms family but this year it was too tough for us to host or make the road trip. Next year!
Today we got out all the Christmas and Marlee fell in love with some old random bead necklaces we found. From the moment I pulled them out till her bath tonight she toted them around taking them off and putting them all back on again. She'd give them out and then take them back! It was so funny to watch her. She had everyone on her neck though most of the day! Here are a few pics!
She lately has decided there is a perfect seat for her in the fridge so immediately when I open the door she runs over and takes seat!
Mason got all bundled up to help daddy with the outdoor lights!
And here is Sassy Marlee with her beads!
Happy getting ready for Christmas!

See you soon!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A spooky pumpkin patch visit and

A Happy Halloween!!
Here we are with our buddies we saw on Halloween:
Mace and Ace checking out those outfits!!
Mason, Asa, Marlee, Aiden and Arden
Norah, Ryan, Stella, Marlee and Mason (all the bugs!!)

We had a very busy week between mommy and daddy getting home from a fantastic vacation to St. Thomas and a wonderful Halloween night!
I took the kiddos to Wabash's pumpkin patch the Thursday before Halloween and we lucked into getting there with several school groups which meant everything was up and running! Mason and Marlee got to jump in the big pumpkin, we took a nice tractor ride (where we saw a spoooooooky skeleton), went through a straw maze and picked out more pumpkins!
Then that evening we went Trick or Treating to Mimi and Poppy's and Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was lots of fun and Marlee really enjoyed her first taste of chocolate! She was silly happy that night, obviously showing us one day she will be the life of the party! Mason loved his treats too, he is into the candy a little more than chocolate these days.
Saturday we went to Nona and Papaws and did a little Trick or Treating and then watched the kids come to the doors.
In case you don't get it....Mason was "Bumblebee" the transformer, and Marlee was a bumblebee!!
Mason saying "spoooooky"
Cool guy at Mimi and Poppy's
Marlee with Mimi's glasses on
Kids checking out their costumes
Watch out, he's got a blaster arm!!
Isn't she a sweet Bumblebee!!
tu-tu cute!
At the pumpkin patch
This picture just makes me laugh!
See you soon!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet Max!

As most of you know I love dogs and am the Vice President of Marion's Humane Society. With that comes unlimited access to dogs, puppies, kittens and cats! Sometime I bring home a foster (or 10!)!! A little over a week ago I brought home Max. He was a stray that had been with a family for about a month and they had tried to find him a rescue to get into. Finally the lady got in touch with me and about 2 weeks after our contact we had a spot open up in the rescue we support. Well, it turned out the weekend before Max's arrival the spot got filled by 2 other dogs and Max just had a spot in a crate on a "waiting" list. I couldn't let that happen because I knew he needed some attention now. So I brought him home.
The night before I told Mason we were bringing home a boy dog to help get well and help him find a home. I asked what we should name him and immediately he shouted, "Max!" So Max it was. After a couple attempts at finding him a home and falling in love (which I do in most cases) we decided Max is everything we want in a dog, just a year or two before we were going to discuss it! I call him "Mellow Max" and we also call him "Mighty Max." Some people may not think Max would be so perfect, as he is missing his front teeth, hair around his neck and back and a little scruffy. But we think he is PERFECT!! He is a wonderful dog and just fits right in. He is 3 or 4 years old, maybe some collie or shepherd, and weighs in a little less than 50 lbs. We got him healthy in the first week with us and only have one more minor appointment left for him, where we make him official by micro chipping! I can't wait to see how he does when he can roam the yard (training on invisible fence is Friday) and enjoy the outdoors with Ruby and Emmy too. For now he likes it inside with us and enjoys his walks with his new mommy, daddy and kids that adore him!
Welcome Max!! We love you!!!
Isn't he cute!
Hanging with Marlee and the girls.
His new dog sisters!
See you soon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mason is 3!!!!

Oh my, oh my, my Mason is 3!!! My baby boy is getting so big! It's at this birthday that I have realized my baby is growing up and is not a baby anymore!! I can't get over how quickly time has gone, how much he has changed in a year. He is a little person who absorbs everything so quickly and simply amazes me by the concepts he understands already. School has really brought out his independence and the "I'll do it by myself" stage. It has also brought on the constant "why?" stage which rarely is fulfilled by the first response and followed up by 20 more "whys?"!!!! I love it, but at the same time I realize my baby boy is growing up (FAST!) He wants to pour his juice, he wants to pick out his clothes, he wants to go to bed without a pull-up in just his big boy undies! He can do it too!
Here are some pictures from his birthday celebrations. We had a party with all of his little buddies at Recreation Unlimited in Noblesville and it was so much fun! The kids had a blast! Then on his actual birthday we had all his grandparents over for a pizza party and presents! He had an awesome 3 days celebrating!

Here he is at Recreation Unlimited so excited this is HIS birthday party!
Mason would wonder off at the party and I'd find him back in the party room looking at his presents in awe! He couldn't believe it was all for him! I would say 3 is the magic age of them "getting it!"
Mason sliding down one of the slides!
When we got home we unwrapped the presents! Thanks everyone! My thank-you notes are as behind as my blogging!
On his actual birthday he wanted to make lemonade and macaroni and cheese!
Later his birthday night when he unwrapped family gifts!
Scott and I gave him this cool little castle tent!
Nona gave him a tunnel (Marlee's favorite gift!!)
They were both dancing to Mimi and Poppy's card!
Him and Devastator making a wish! (thanks grandma and grandpa...this was his personal fav!)
Thanks everyone who helped make Mason and Marlee's birthdays so special! It has been a fun month of celebrating!

See you soon!